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We pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality CBD oil for use by healthcare professionals directly for patients. We offer two different CBD oils. One is a full spectrum oil which contains cannabidiol, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. This product contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.. We also offer a cannabidiol isolate which has been put through additional purification procedures to get a consistent extract.

“We have the highest standards in growing, processing and bottling our oil. Unlike our competitors, we only sell directly to healthcare professionals, or specially-referred patients.”

We believe cannabidiol is a potent agent and can be useful for conditions such as pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, CNS diseases, and cancer. We also believe many of people buy and use CBD directly over-the-counter and are using it ineffectively. Additionally, based on several studies published recently, many CBD products are not what they say they are.

We truly believe we have a high-quality product that gets high-quality results. We pride our company on the principle that clinical providers should guide patients, and even monitor higher risk patients while using a cannabidiol product.


How do patients get ReviveMD CBD Oil?

As a healthcare provider, you will maintain product for the patient to buy at your office or clinical setting. However, there are two additional ways a patient can obtain our product:

  1. Patient’s can call into ReviveMD CBD customer support with their Clinic RX code, which is verified by our team. We then fulfill the order and ship directly to the patient.
  2. Or – the clinician may fax over the Clinic RX code, along with the patient contact information. We will then contact the patient to verify shipping address and payment, process the order, and ship to the patient.

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